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Expowatches.com it is a shop devoted in the sale online of clocks. We explain already with the backrest of thousands of customers satisfied by all Spain and in the rest of Europe that have accompanied us during more than 50 years. Our aim always has been to offer to our customers the minimum price guaranteeed with the most advantageous conditions in all our articles. This does that the common denominator in all our sales was the same: satisfaction 100% guaranteeed.



SAURA Relojería – Joyería begins to forge in 1.946, year in which José Saura initiates labour relations with the best watchmakings of Barcelona of the moment. The year 1.958 cover SAURA Watchmaking – Jewellery, with commercial establishment in the nº 25 of the most popular and colorful walk of Barcelona, La Rambla.

After an extension the year 1.969 and several back reforms,we like working in an establishment with installations of first order and with a prestigious workshop of watchmaking and jewellery.

In 1.980 his son,Juanjo Saura, finalises his studies in Management School (Master in Sciences of the Businesses) and raisin to work to the company, following the same guidelines of professionalism that so many successes and satisfactions have them back.

In June of the 2014 Saura Watchmaking – Jewellery closes his doors to the street and raisin to open a window to the world, Expowatches.

If of the world of the watchmaking need something, say it to me, since expowatches will be glad to help you.